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The real way to learn a language

Consuming native material such as books, articles and short stories can be daunting at first. That is why we created a perfect tool to help you read.

With the reading tool you can drop in any text (even complete books) and it will completely analyze and parse the text for you. You're able to instantly look up definitions by clicking on the words while reading.

Of course, this tool completely integrates with Kitsun and lets you create flashcards with a single click while reading through the text.

See detailed information about a word on click

Quickly view helpful information such as:

Grammatical Classification

English Definitions

Kanji Information

JLPT Levels and Frequency statistics

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Helpful Features

To further help with reading Japanese we've added some very beneficial features to the reader. Here's a few examples:

Generate a definition table of a whole paragraph with a single click

Automatically gathers statistics of the text (Unique Kanji, Unique Vocabulary, JLPT Kanji counts, JLPT Vocabulary counts)

Toggle furigana on or off

Toggle marking of particles on or off

Toggle JLPT N5-N1 color coding on or off

Start reading with our evergrowing library

The pre-shared texts include short stories, complete books and news articles. Read short stories or books classified around your level of knowledge.

From beginner to master, there's always something for you to read and learn with!

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