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Kitsun is your one-stop platform to learn anything.
Efficiently and elegantly.

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Our special tools allow you to create flashcards quickly and effortless. Notice a new word while reading? Look it up in our dictionary tool and generate a flashcard with a click.


Kitsun is community focused, meaning that you can share and collaborate on decks. Community feedback ensures quality learning material.


We cut away all the hassle and so you can focus on learning as efficiently as possible. Start learning your favorite subject with just a few clicks.


How does Kitsun work?

Spaced Repetition System

Giving you the reviews that you need, when your brain needs them. With a focus on long term memory retention, you will never forget what you have learned!

Learn anything

Simply pick your subject and start learning. You can create your own cards with one of our many tools or take a look at one of our many pre-made community decks.

Ranging from Japanese to Mathematics, there's something for everyone.

Completely Customizable

Do you love creating your own templates, layouts and getting everything just the way you want it?

While Kitsun offers a solid set of defaults, you can of course customize just about anything, ranging from the way you order your lessons, to customizing the inner SRS intervals to creating your own layouts with HTML and CSS.

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Learn through your favorite series, movies, or anime.

One-click flashcard generation from your video of choice!

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Integrated Dictionaries

Quickly look up unknown words and generate flashcards with a single click.

Of course, custom cards can be generated just as easily.

Dictionary Tool
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Community Decks

Start learning right away with quality decks made and shared by us and other users.

No need to set anything up, just focus on your goals!

Community Decks
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Reading Assistance Tool

The reading tool parses any text you throw at it. Immediately see the structure of sentences and definitions with our lookup functionality!

Create flashcards with a single click!

Reading Tool
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Don't take our word for it

Here's what our users say


Kitsun has nailed all the features I wanted out of a flashcard program and offers so much more on top of that. I use it every day for my language studies and it goes way beyond being a simple vocabulary trainer like most websites and apps, as it has a lot of immersion-focused tools integrated.

For example, being able to click on any word, see the definition and instantly create a flashcard while I'm reading through a Japanese book allows me to spend time on actual reading, rather than manually looking up definitions and creating flashcards.

Kitsun User



The ability to create info-rich cards with ease for personal decks and access to high quality community deck that are refined using a feedback loop is worth the price alone. However the clean and modern user interface makes returning to Kitsun an enjoyable daily experience I look forward to.

I have complete control to customize the content I want to study while enabling my favorite SRS features in a single study platform. In addition, features such Subs2Kitsun and the Reading Tool allows a user to take their studies to the next level. The platform is continuously evolving along with a engaging language study community.

Kitsun User



Learning any language is a long journey and Kitsun helps you along the way. The Kitsun community is full of other engaged and like minded individuals who each have their own take on what works best for them.

Whether I'm struggling with grammar and vocabulary or if I just need a powerful reading assistant, Kitsun is there for me with a comprehensive framework to help ensure that I can focus on reviewing my problem areas and easily create new flashcards with the fields and formatting that suits my needs.

Kitsun User


Optimize your flashcard creation process

Learn smarter, not harder

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