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Flashcard creation made easy

Imagine reading a book and encountering an unknown word. With our dictionary tool you can look up the word, see the English definitions and other useful information and add it to your study deck right away!

Customizable to your needs

At Kitsun we understand that not everyone learns the same way. Just like the rest of Kitsun, you can customize the way you generate dictionary cards.

If you made your own templates and layouts, you can set up a flow to create your own type of dictionary flashcards.

Just set it up once, and Kitsun will remember it for the next time, making it trivial to instantly generate cards with your own layouts.

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Example Kanji Flashcard Dictionary Result Kanji
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Language Support

We currently support dictionary card generation for Japanese Vocabulary and Kanji. Each with their respective card layouts and information.

For example, the generated Kanji cards have stroke order diagrams, while the Vocabulary cards have pronunciation audio.

We are working on adding additional dictionaries for all kinds of languages, starting with Chinese, Korean and Russian.

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