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One of the biggest features of Kitsun is the ability to learn any kind of subject with a few clicks. Community Decks make this possible.

Community decks are decks made, shared and maintained by our users. Our selection of decks (and study subjects) is ever growing and ranges from games to math to languages, there's something for everyone!

Feedback System

Together we make quality decks. Fantastic learning material is often the product of a community working together. To encourage this, we've developed a system that streamlines making, receiving and accepting suggestions.

As a user of a community deck, you can send in feedback when you encounter a card. To make a suggestion, you just make the changes where needed. The author will then see your suggestion and can accept or decline it with a single click!

A good example of the usefulness of this system is the Core 10k Japanese deck which has received over 14000 suggestions and adjustments so far, making it far better than any of its peers on the market.

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Community Deck Example - Russian Community Deck Example - Geography
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Instant Updates

Gone are the days of having to sync or re-download a complete deck because a new version came out. We designed the community deck system with ease of use in mind.

Whenever an author accepts a suggestion, the card is instantly updated for everyone.

When an author makes manual changes, such as adding new cards, they can decide to publish the update for everyone at once. As a user of their deck, you won't have to do a single thing!

Creation Tools

In order to make it easy to create and share decks, Kitsun has a large selection of creation tools.

You can import anki, csv, tsv or txt files (both automatically and customized!) to create decks out of already existing content

Making decks from scratch is also very easy with our Dictionary, Subs2Kitsun (Video) and Reader tools. Next to that, our management tools also remove the chore of managing and creating cards.

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Explore More Tools


Learn through your favorite series, movies, or anime.

One-click flashcard generation from your video of choice!

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Integrated Dictionaries

Quickly look up unknown words and generate flashcards with a single click.

Of course, custom cards can be generated just as easily.

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Reading Assistance Tool

The reading tool parses any text you throw at it. Immediately see the structure of sentences and definitions with our lookup functionality!

Create flashcards with a single click!

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